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DeerGro Announces Partnership with Whitetail Properties

Doniphan, Missouri – DeerGro is proud to announce its partnership with Whitetail Properties, uniting two top-tier brands within the land management space, in an effort to bring their combined knowledge directly to consumers via multiple platforms, including the Whitetail Properties airing on the Sportsman Channel and their digital series, Land Beat. This relationship brings another […]

Food Plot 101 | How to Frost Seed Food Plots

Frost Seeding Clover Food Plots for Deer By: Weston Schrank Winter is a hard pill to swallow for those of us who love turning dirt over. But hopefully some of your passion for planting food plots has evolved into other aspects of deer management such as timber stand improvement, coyote hunting, or trail camera surveys. […]

5 Best Winter Food Plots | What Do Deer Eat?

What Does a Deer Eat During the Late Season/Winter? By: Weston Schrank   As the rut transitions into the post rut, and the procession from the post rut into the late season blurs, hunters are often left with only one hunting strategy. When the temperature plummets head to the food…It is in this transition period and for […]

CWD Baiting Bans | How Can Food Plots Fill the Gap?

CWD Baiting Bans and Deer Food Plots Nowadays, you’d be hard pressed to find a hunter that hasn’t heard of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD). The disease is sweeping across the whitetail’s range, meaning more and more hunters have to deal with the implications the disease brings. In recent years, besides dead deer, this has resulted in a dramatic increase in […]