Answer for Does plotstart require mixing with water? If so what is the ration per acre?

Yes, PlotStart is highly concentrated and is to be mixed with water to for a solution. Not because it has to be, but for ease of application. For example, if you run a 3-point tractor-mounted sprayer with 25-foot boom arms, at 5mph and 40psi – you will put out about 20 gallons of solution per acre. So you would mix 2 – 5 gallons of PlotStart with the balance in water to spray an acre. If you use a back pack sprayer it all depends on the nozzle volume and your walking speed, if you “run” you might be able to cover 1 acre with no water, but that is obviously not practical. Bottom line is to make sure you get 2-5 gallons of PlotStart (depending on soil acidity/pH) evenly spread per acre.
We will be doing several sprayer calibration videos soon for those interested in the exact spray coverage mechanics.