Answer for I have a established white clover plot and was wanting to add both of these products to it. would this be worth doing? 2nd part of question was I have some winter rye plots that are about 3 weeks old, maybe 4" high righ now, wanted to add both these to them as well. 3rd question was to add boost to brassicas plots now that are well abobe 10 high now. What your advice on these?

Yes, Yes, and Yes. Both your clover and rye food plots will benefit from each product individually but for a limited amount of time. Due to the growth cycle of clover and rye, there are about two weeks left in the growing season in which it would be worth your while to spray. For the brassicas, PlotBoost will be beneficial up until the first frost, at which point they will not absorb the nutrients PlotBoost offers.