Answer for is a food plot better than just using corn?

There are alot of elements to this question. The best way to try to answer it is to say it depends on how you prefer to hunt. Food plots are more aesthetically appealing than a feeder in our opinion and, in turn, make the hunt more enjoyable. Also, by planting a variety of food plots, you can have a food source that is attractive to the deer year round. Thirdly, in areas where disease like ehd is prevelant, condensed food sources like corn piles can increase the chances of the disease being transmitted to other deer in the herd. There are several other alements to this question including legality, ethical standpoint on baiting, costs included with each method of attracting deer, and how pressured, mature bucks react to bait sites. Food plots work for our hunting purposes and have resulted in great success for us and many others over the years.