Answer for It is my understanding that calcium carbonate is what effectively lowers pH and not calcium by itself. I have read a lot about it and it appears sound from a chemistry standpoint. Can someone disprove this claim?

If you do your research on lime you will find that a carbonate material that contains mostly insoluble calcium, that the plant cannot access for some time…. and that pH is not a result, only an indicator of the lack of nutrients or abundance of nutrients in the soil. All you have to do is look at soil test reports to recognize the pattern. Excess base saturation % of nutrients = high pH, and low percentage of Nutrients = Low pH. All you need to do is unlock(bio-activate) and recycle nutrients in the soil and from plant matter/crop residue and they will begin to park in space that hydrogen is occupying….by nocking out the Hydrogen with the release of Ca, Mg, K and your result is higher pH.