Answer for My soybean field looks great. I sprayed it with plotstart at the same time as planting an it really took off. I am getting a lot of ragweed now starting to grow taller than the beans themselves. Can I boost my beans and kill the ragweed with roundup at the same time?

That is great that your beans took off using the PlotStart product! The ability to use most herbicides, including Roundup/Glyphosate, with PlotBoost is one of its many advantages. As long as the beans are Roundup Ready, then YES you can mix them in the same tank to apply. Roundup/Glyphosate can still negatively affect Roundup ready beans through “Yellow Flash” or the inability for the plant to metabolize the herbicide. PlotBoost ignites the biological component of the soil and enables the plant to pass the chemical through faster, resulting in less chance of negative side effect on your beans yet releasing them from the ragweed etc.