Answer for Since we had some problems with the shipping of my product I was unable to apply it before I seeded. I plan on doing a foliar spraying this weekend. Can I mix this with a water soluble fertilizer and apply at the same time? Also my plots are rather small so what would the per gallon dilution rate of the product?

What product are you planning on spraying in the foliar application? The question folder implies PlotStart. PlotStart, especially when mixed with a water soluble fertilizer will likely burn up any freshly germinated, actively growing food plot. We recommend against foliar application of PlotStart and/or a strong fertilizer on actively growing plants, especially if they have just germinated. Instead we recommend PlotBoost. It is a foliar application , specifically designed to be taken in after germination to increase nutrient uptake, reduce water consumption, and supply micro-nutrients where they might be missing.
What is the exact acreage on the plots?