dominic asked 5 years ago

do i bother with a soil test for a food plot 1/4 ace or less or just use the plot start and boost? I will be using the plot start and boost on all of my food plots whether i do a soil test or not, i only have one food plot that is one acre which will most likely get a soil test. the other three are 1/4 acre or less

1 Answers
DeerGro Expert Staff answered 5 years ago

Dominic, for small plots like this most plotters simply apply a top dressing of fertilizer and lime as a precaution. PlotStart and PlotBoost in combination is a substitute for this top dressing, often showing better and faster results. You should always do a soil sample if you want to find out how to optimize growth, but for common hunters and food plotters this is normally an after thought. I would caution that you read some of our material on small food plots (below) to make sure you are planting the right species.