Daniel Valko asked 5 years ago

i was told I need 500 lbs per acre of 6-12-12 and have a PH of 5.9 on my oats field and 360 lbs of 0-20-20 on my soy field with a PH of 5.9, can you give me an idea of what I can use of your products to help? I planted both about 2 weeks ago, germination on the beans and oats have done well but I want to make sure they do great!!

1 Answers
DeerGro Expert Staff answered 5 years ago

Both of our products would help in this food plot situation. PlotStart will still provide benefits to your soil including a shot of calcium to your soil and a straight shot of ingredients to increase soil microbial activity on top of the fertilizer recommendations on your plot. However, since the plants are already germinated your best option is to spray PlotBoost. PlotBoost is a foliar application that increases nutrient and water uptake in plants. This among other benefits increases the attraction of the plot just before hunting season.
We currently have a 2pk of PlotBoost (2 acre application) on sale with free shipping. https://www.deergro.com/product/plotboost-32oz-2acre-case/