Ryan Haarmann asked 6 years ago

How often should plotstart be sprayed onto a plot if the pH level is in the 4 range? Spring, summer & fall? Spring & Fall? 
If 2.5 gal is equivalent to 1 ton/acre of lime, how much does it usually raise the pH level after one application? I’ve read that 2 tons/acre can raise pH by 1 point,  but it also depends on the buffer reserve as well. How well does your product work in clay soil? 
I also read on your main page for high acidic soil to spray 5 gal/acre, would that be the case if the soil was under pH 5 or was that meant for over an entire year to spray 5 gal?
I’m waiting on results from soil sample, but would like to order appropriately in advanced. I’m working with clay soil in the middle of East Texas piney woods. 

1 Answers
DeerGro Expert Staff answered 6 years ago

Ryan, all very good questions. With a pH of 4 the food plot will require multiple treatments of PlotStart. Fortunately the PlotStart will work much faster than lime in adjusting your soil pH. Yes, 2.5 gallons is equivalent to 1 ton of lime. We recommend spraying the 2.5 gallons now in fall to start raising the pH. Then treat the plot again with 2.5 gallons in the spring. Lime can be applied at heavy rates as it takes a while to work into the soil and can sit atop the soil as it breaks down. PlotStart on the other hand goes to work immediately. Spraying 2 times the amount of PlotStart can work as applying 2 tons of lime. The concentrate goes further when spraying in two separate sprays at the recommended amount. As to your question, it depends on what you would like to apply. If you can afford in time, to spray the 5 gallons of PlotStart/ acre once now, then again in the spring, that would give you the best results.