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Scott asked 6 years ago

I have planted two food plots this August and one of them is all clover and one is a clover brassica mix.  I added plotstart at planting and will be adding plotboost shortly.  Should i add plotstart to these existing plots every year or should i just add plotboost?

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DeerGro Expert Staff answered 6 years ago


You can add PlotStart every year, chances are this is not needed after an application, unless you are using a species that is taxing on the soil. Brassica mix is taxing on the soil so it would be a good idea to ensure you are resupplying and unlocking nutrients in the soil every year after planting brassicas. Do not add PlotStart on actively growing plants, wait until they go dormant or right before planting next year. PlotBoost can always be sprayed on actively growing plants. For the time being, spray PlotBoost, then PlotStart this spring before green-up.

Thank you.