FS asked 7 years ago

How’s it going. I planted a clover plot last summer, it’s a little bigger than 1/4 acre, soil is pretty acidic, therefore the results weren’t that great. I would like to try your products and see if they can bring some life back to the plot. What would you recommend using? I will be using a backpack sprayer, what mixing ratio is normally used? Thanks for your time!!

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DeerGro Expert Staff answered 7 years ago

We would recommend our PlotStart, specifically the 1/2 acre bottle (https://www.deergro.com/product/deergro-plotboost-food-plot-spray/). If you are spraying a 1/4 acre, fill your backpack sprayer up full with half of the 1/2 acre bottle, this will be equivalent of a 1/4 acre of concentrate for your food plot. Spray the full backpack sprayer evenly over your food plot. Save the other half of the PlotStart for a top dressing next spring!