View FoodPlot QuestionsCategory: PlotStart QuestionsCan I spray PlotStart in the Rain?
Larry Donna asked 7 years ago

Hello, Weatherman calling for rain this weekend and I am in a crunch for time….am I able to spray the PlotStart if its raining? Thank you, Larry Donna  

1 Answers
DeerGro Expert Staff answered 7 years ago

It depends. it is all dependent on your slope, how heavy the rain is, and if you have any ground cover. You do not want to apply the PlotStart in heavy rain with a significant slope on the plot, this will cause runoff and an ineffective application. If it is a light rain/drizzle and you have some ground cover like dead weeds or down corn or bean residue you will be fine to apply the PlotStart in the rain. The problem with applying in the rain is that the PlotStart has the chance to sit in the water on top of the soil and has the potential to runoff and never sink into the soil. If the plot is dry and you have a light rain it could great for the application. If the plot is soaked the rain will not soak in and neither will the PlotStart, resulting in a wasted application. Let us know if you have anymore questions!