Michael asked 5 years ago

Hey Im wanting to plant some imperial whitetail clover on about a half acre patch in Virginia. Since the patch is only about half an acre, I feel like I should plant it along with the grass so the deer don\’t destroy it before it has time to grow. Then it can eventually take over the grass. I thought about using an aerator but the directions say the seed can\’t be more than 1/4\” in the ground. So what would be be the way I could plant it along with the grass?

1 Answers
DeerGro Expert Staff answered 5 years ago

Disturbing the soil and broadcasting the seed works just fine for planting clover. You could also frost seed depending on your region. The best and easiest way to complete this project would be to disturb, till, or rake (producing soil for the seed to come into contact with), apply PlotStart, and broadcasting the seed (both clover and grass) in front of rain. Think hard about the grass species you are planting to make sure you can eventually kill it off with ease when desired.