View FoodPlot QuestionsCategory: PlotStart QuestionsDoes Rain after applying PlotStart ruin effectiveness?
Kurt J Slep asked 5 days ago

My soil (actually sand with a 1% organic matter and CEC of only 3.8) tested 5.4 ph (using Biologic’s lab).  I applied 7 gallons of Plotstart on 2 acres a day before a horrendous rain.  I tested the soil 2 montsh after the application and the soil was 5.2 pH (I used Whitetail Institute’s lab the second time).  Given that there might be a slight difference between labs, I can’t say that the soil pH actually dropped, but it should certainly have been higher according to the application rate for Plotstart (2.5 gallons for one acre).
Why did it not make any improvement?  Some of the sand did erode toward one end of the field, but is it possible that most of the Plotstart was washed away?

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DeerGro Expert Staff answered 5 days ago

With the amount of rain you are describing and as much of the Midwest has experienced there is a good chance the PlotStart was washed off the field. In addition to applying PlotStart again, and depending on your fall food plot strategy we would suggest to strongly consider cover crops to help build your soil up a little more for more organic matter and give it the ability to hold the soil in place.