Jeff asked 6 years ago

Have a ph balance of 5.5 want to do 2 half acre plots. what all and how much do I need of both products?

1 Answers
DeerGro Expert Staff answered 6 years ago

Great question! We would recommend the normal rate, so a 2.5 gallon 1 acre application of PlotStart found here. 2.5 Gallon PlotStart Jug (1 acre) . Use half of the jug on one plot and the other half on the other food plot. This application will immediately go to work to adjust your pH on your plots this summer, in time for fall food plots. PlotBoost is our other product.It is a foliar active spray that can be used to boost individual plant health, and make the food plot more attractive. This has great use with an application before fall. For 2 half acre plots, you just simply need 1 acres worth of PlotBoost. It can be found here, .