Joshua Moyer asked 5 years ago

we are expecting rain the next couple of days and I was wondering would it be okay to plant my cereal rye now to get it established then in a couple weeks overseed with forage rape. I was also thinking about planting some til radish can I break these plantings up or should I seed all at once. 

1 Answers
DeerGro Expert Staff answered 5 years ago

Joshua, With cereal rye, rape, and turnips/radish mixture going in you should plant all at once. Brassicas should be seeded in august, with rye going in around September. However, you do not want the turnips planted so early and at a rate that they essentially block out the rye. You will want both species present throughout the fall and winter. Planting around august 15th or in another week or so should level this out. Again plant all at once and apply PlotStart before seeding. We should also ask this before/during recommending dates for planting…where are you located at?