Josh Moyer asked 5 years ago

The property that I hunt where I live is ten acres in Michigan. It’s pretty much open hardwoods with ridges etc. it’s a pretty open woods so I am currently in the process of cutting trees and hinging for bedding and browse. I have a couple different food plots the biggest being about a half acre. My question is is a half acre to small to plant corn I am mostly wanting it for cover while my woods thickens etc. I was planning on screening it with Egyptian wheat because it’s pretty close to my barn and possibly over seeding with brassicas in August. What do you think. Thanks. 

1 Answers
DeerGro Expert Staff answered 5 years ago

Yes the half acre of corn will likely be destroyed by deer before ever establishing any height. Clover and other small food plot species are your best bet for feeding. However, if you are looking for cover, than planting thick grass species and leaving it completely alone will be your best option until the succession starts in the woods.
Overall you are definitely on the right track for managing the property! Once the cover thickens in the woods, you can turn that half acre into a very attractive small food plot with the right species and tactics!