Joe Chaffee asked 5 years ago

Looking to plant two food plots in Northern Michigan both have a very low ph of 4.6 one plot is 1/8 acre and the other is 1/4 acre looking for pointers on what to plant and how to get my ph up quicker than adding 100 lbs of lime each month any tips would be greatly appreciated thanks

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DeerGro Expert Staff answered 5 years ago

In your case you are dealing with very small plots. Two things will be limited/problems when it comes to small food plots. The first is sunlight, with the second being browsing pressure. Hopefully you have decided upon a clover species like ladino to plant as it sprawls quickly, does great in shade, and can take browse pressure. We supplied a link below to a food plot blog and video series all about small food plots!
As far as your soil is concerned the best solution here is PlotStart. PlotStart is a lime alternative spray that is perfect for your small food plot situation. It is applied with a spray tank mixed with water and works 3x faster than lime. We currently have a sale on 1 acre worth of PlotStart and PlotBoost with free shipping. Splitting 1 acres worth of PlotStart across your 2 plots would work great as your plot is very acidic at 4.6.
Here is how we would approach these plots. 1.) clear the plot. 2.) spray PlotStart on the plots, aproximately 1/2 of the bottle on the 1/4 acre plot and a 1/4 of the bottle on the 1/8th of an acre plot( mix with water to broadcast and carry the PlotStart). Also apply any particular fertilizers needed based on soil tests. 3.) Broadcast seed in front of a steady/light rain. 4.) after germination spray PlotBoost at the same rate (fraction of bottle) on the two plots.* be sure the tank is clean, or mixed with the right amount of fertilizer to fight weeds in the new plots. PlotBoost can be mixed directly with the herbicides that you need to spray food plot with.
Let us know if you have any other questions!
Here is the blog:
Here is the 1 acre combo pack on sale: