Mike asked 6 years ago

I have about 3 acres of food plots in southwest Alabama. I tried a ph tester and i think they are very inaccurate. My question is, is a soil test necessary before using your product, and how soon in the beginning of the year can it be used. I was hoping to plant Chufa for 2017 Spring Turkey season. What would you recommend.

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DeerGro Expert Staff answered 6 years ago


The simple answer is no. The more complex answer is yes. You should submit a soil test to figure out if there is anything in particular missing from your soil before planting. In general it is often recommended that a basic application of lime or a lime replacement like PlotStart is done before planting. PlotStart is sold in unit on a per acre basis. Three 2.5 gallon jugs of PlotStart will cover 3 acres. This would be the best application for Chufa food plots as they require in general a pH of 6-7. PlotStart works immediately after application, 3x faster than lime which makes the pH adjustment available immediately rather than months behind a regular lime application. That said, the faster PlotStart is applied to the soil the faster the results are available to the germinating Chufa. You can apply now, before planting, or at the time of planting but again the sooner the application of PlotStart the better.