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Hunter L asked 6 years ago

Before purchasing your product, plotstart. I would like to know what compound the calcium is present in? Liming materials are oxides, hydroxides, carbonates, and silicates. Without one of these basic anions the H+ cannot be neutralized in the soil. I just want to ensure I am putting an appropriate product on my plots. Thank you for your time. 

1 Answers
DeerGro Expert Staff answered 6 years ago

Hunter L, PlotStart is derived from non-synthetic Calcium Chloride Brine. pH is not an actual “thing” to change. It’s an indicator of nutrient limitation. Many nutrients can displace hydrogen from soil molecules including calcium causing the pH number to rise. The DeerGro products reaction in the soil generates displacement hydrogen from the soil particles, and replaces it with calcium effectively raising pH. But pH is not what is needed to grow. For instance a beach would have a pH of 7.0, but you won’t grow much on it. The lack of sustainable nutrients is what the DeerGro products bring to the table and create thriving growth.