Kerry Harris Jr asked 6 years ago

Hey my name is Kerry Harris Jr. This is my first year doing food plots I have two areas that I planted on August 30th and the other on September 1st. I live in Texas so its random on when we get rain but forecast show rain on a handful of days within the next couple of weeks. I know I over planted on both and one definitely over planted, but I spoke to the company that I purchase the seed from and they said it will be okay as long as we get the rain that it needs. Both areas are maybe 1/8 of an acre I can try and attach the images with this message. Question is how much would I need to put on these areas and can you put to much on these spots. I just want to have a thick and lush food plots and anything that will help my mistake on heavily over planting would be great. Any type of info would be helpful. I just hope I can get something to grow and not completely mess up.  
P.s. The smaller area of the two I put about 10 gallons of a mix of oats, winter wheat, and iron clay peas. Also added 5 pounds of white clover and radishes.(yes I know way to much on the oats and radishes I had my seeder on to high of a spread and when I was only half way done and ran out of seed I decided to put more out to finish the rest of the place.
The bigger area of the two I only put out 10 gallons and of the same mix as mentioned above. Oats, winter wheat, iron clay peas. 
Both area was tilled to 3-4″ but rain accord a few times before I could get out there with seed and packed them soil down (sand loam soil by the way) so I just used a leaf rake and bow rake to break up the soil the best I could. 
If i really messed up just inform me I can take criticism I need to learn from this.  Thank You

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DeerGro Expert Staff answered 6 years ago


We see this a lot, no worries! In your case seeding an excess is not a terrible mistake. We have had better success seeding heavy in some circumstances, especially when it comes to creating a thick carpet in order to retain more moisture. The downside comes from many plants competing for nutrients. If the plots are an 1/8 acre than you should apply 1/8 of a 1 acre bottle of PlotStart. This will make sure you are applying the correct ratio. PlotStart would definitely help in the case of both unlocking more nutrients for that many plants, as well as creating a soil environment and plant that can uptake water more efficiently. In your case you will most likely see great germination upon a rain event, thick growth, but stunted plants and eventually self killing plot that will die out competing with itself, but will in the long run turn into a good food plot.

Let us know if you have any other questions!