Clayton asked 5 years ago

I have a 1/2 acre plot that has a soil pH of 5.0 currently (poor South Carolina clay).  My soil test recommends 2700lbs of lime per acre…so realistically my plot calls for 1350lbs of lime. How much PlotStart should I apply? 

1 Answers
DeerGro Expert Staff answered 5 years ago

PlotStart’s is sold by the acre. This application rate is equivalent to 1 ton of lime per acre or 2,000lbs. the 1/2 acre treatment would essentially be equivalent to 1,000lbs on your half acre so we recommend to simply purchase the 2.5 gallon 1 acre treatment to apply on your 1/2 acre.
You might also look into PlotBoost on this small acreage plot. PlotBoost is a foliar application that increases nutrient and water uptake in plants. This among other benefits increases the attraction of the plot just before hunting season. Attraction is critical on these small acreage kill plots.
We currently have a sale and free shipping on a 1 acre combo pack of PlotStart and PlotBoost: