Tim Goode asked 4 years ago

I planted a food  plot of oats.  There is a ton of johnsongrass coming up in the plot.  If I understood your article correctly about spraying clethodim, which is a killer of oats and johnsongrass, is there another product you’d recommend for killing the johnsongrass but not my oats?  

1 Answers
DeerGro Expert Staff answered 4 years ago

Unfortunately, there is not a selective for this. You can try to glyphosate spot control for certain areas. If it is everywhere then you might want to wait until the Johnson grass is significantly taller than the oats, making it easier to spot spray. Avoid letting it get to seed at all. You can wipe it clean with roundup, and reestablish rye, winter wheat, so that it can continue growing in late October and November if it is taking over and limiting the oats from drawing deer in.