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Jason asked 6 years ago

Northeast Kansas here. Planted a food plot yesterday. About 700 sq ft. Alfalfa, clover, radishes, turnips, kale, and a handful of other stuff in the blend I bought. Rained all night, still raining this morning. Is it too late to put either deergro product on? And am I just pissing in the wind in general with this little plot? Is it too late? How soon will deergro need to be on to do any good? 

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DeerGro Expert Staff answered 6 years ago

Jason, PlotStart works instantly as soon as it is applied, but it cannot be sprayed on actively growing plants as it could burn them up. Once your plot germinates and significant ground coverage is achieved you can spray PlotBoost to not only help the plot grow faster, and more efficiently, but make it more attractive for the upcoming season.

In general that is a pretty small plot, your best bet for the upcoming spring is to plant white clover and maintain it very well. Check out this blog it has a lot of information about small plots, and how DeerGro works with them: