View FoodPlot QuestionsCategory: PlotBoost QuestionsHow much water do i add to Plot Boast?
Tommy asked 5 years ago

I have read and watched all the videos on the website but it does not tell me how much water to add to a 32 ounce bottle per acre

1 Answers
DeerGro Expert Staff answered 5 years ago

The videos point out that it is an acreage ratio and that the amount of water does not matter as long as the product is evenly distributed over the correct acreage. The 32 oz bottle treats 1 acre. The amount of water mixed with the product does not matter ( there is no dilution on the acreage basis), it is simply the carrier for the PlotBoost. Depending on spray rate it might take you 10 gallons to spray the Boost evenly over an acre, or it could take 15 gallons.