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Chris DeLapp asked 4 years ago

My plot has come in great. Few weeks back (2-3) I sprayed grass killer to stunt the grass and the plot shot up. Plot is now showing a little yellowing. Do you think plot will be okay? Would plot boost help bring the lush green back?

1 Answers
DeerGro Expert Staff answered 4 years ago

Based on the picture you sent in it looks like there was some burn after herbicide application, common when tanks are not completely clean, or when herbicides stunt non-target species as in the case of your brassicas, and common with clover and soybeans in other applications. In this situation PlotBoost either mixed with the herbicide or sprayed on the plot after application should help the plot fight off the negative yield drags of herbicides. Unless significant amount of leftover herbicide (like glyphosate) was left in the tank.