Shane Huston asked 7 years ago

I got my soil testing results from whitetail institute.I soil tested five food plots. Food plot 1.) needs 1250 lbs of lime per acre.  2.)625 lbs of lime per acre 3.)1250 lbs of lime per acre 4.)1250 lbs of lime per acre 5.) 2500 lbs of lime per acre How many gallons of Plotstart do I need?

1 Answers
DeerGro Expert Staff answered 7 years ago

Shane, each acre application of PlotStart is equivalent to 1 ton of lime, or 2000 lbs. with those numbers, you would be balanced out across your plots to get the recommended amount per acre, or the 2 acre cases for how ever many acres you need to spray. On plot 2.) with 625 lbs. needed, we might recommend going half the rate on the plot and using the extra on plot 5.) with 2500 lbs.