Jon Scobey asked 7 years ago

ive never attempted to plant anything.  I’ve gained access to about 500 acres and part of my obligation is to plant 2 small spots that are about 1/2 acre each.  I took a soil test of each and the ph is horrible, at about 4.5. i read somewhere that your product can be mixed with roundup?  Sorry I missed your discount that expired 4/15, I’m a CPA and I was more than busy. any tips you can offer will be appreciated.  I’m going to plant clover in Sept.  I’ve got someone that knows what he’s doing that is going to till the ground and do the planting.

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DeerGro Expert Staff answered 7 years ago

Small food plots with the acreage that you are suggesting are perfect applications for PlotStart and PlotBoost! With a pH of 4.5, you need to get that up fast, much faster than lime would allow, this is where PlotStart comes in. When you (or your planter) tills or disks the ground, spray PlotStart right after you open up the ground. We would suggest putting in your clover now to get it established over the remaining spring/summer months before fall. This will help the soil( as clover is nitrogen fixing legume), your clover to get established, and the deer to get used to the plot before fall. The PlotStart will go to work immediately raising the pH, and will last with the same residual effects as a lime application. With your specific scenario, here is what you should do. Till or disk the ground, spray PlotStart right after you open up the ground. Spread your clover seed over the plot at recommended rate. In several of our blogs we talk about what species of clover to use and how to maintain the plots. To sum up this information a white clover (Ladino or Durana) does best in small food plots. Buy Butyrac 200 or a broad-leaf selective herbicide that will not kill the clover, and buy a grass selective herbicide with either Clethodim or Sethoxydim in it. In combination these two herbicides will effectively kill everything in the plot except clover. PlotBoost can be directly mixed with a Glyphosate or round up application or any of your common food plot herbicides.When spraying clover mix PlotBoost with your herbicides to boost your clover and fight negative yield drags of possible herbicide damage. PlotStart cannot be mixed with herbicides in the same tank. When the clover goes dormant in the winter, spray PlotStart again to raise the pH even more for next years plot. Please let us know if you have any questions, and refer to our blog, we have several articles and videos on this exact subject, and how to plant small food plots with clover.