Tyson Morse asked 6 years ago

I’m going to be creating a Durana/Patriot Clover food plot on a mountain side in a clear cut that has been done a few years ago. The only thing that has really grown is has been ferns which leads me to believe the soil is acidic. (I will be doing a soil test to confirm). What I’m wondering is since its on the side of the mountain clear cut I’m not sure how shallow the soil is. Will Plot Start help create more organic matter (if so how long should I expect it to take) or should I look for something else to go along with Plot Start? Does Plot start have microbes found in humus or does it just promote the existing microbes that are in the soil.
Thanks for your help!

1 Answers
DeerGro Expert Staff answered 6 years ago

PlotStart will help you establish a great Durana/Patriot clover stand on the mountain side clear-cut. It will do this by one, adjusting the pH, and two, supplementing and unlocking the soil’s already present nutrients and microbes. True organic matter will come from the dead/dying vegetation once you begin to establish the plot, and immediately once the clover is well established (dead clover/clover clippings from mowing). PlotStart will get the clover going immediately which is critical on a plot like you have described (soil being washed off mountain side). First prepare the plot in whatever way you choose (spray/till/disk). Then spray PlotStart at the recommended rate and immediately broadcast the seed on the plot. We recommend, depending on the plots topography, to broadcast the clover a pound thicker to ensure the seed takes hold in case some seed is washed away due to intense rain. If all of it germinates, the clover will be thicker but also hold better in the first year. It will kill off some clover later on, but that adds organic matter. Overall the plot should do great once established and properly maintained.