Jeff Butler asked 7 years ago

Hello, my name is Jeff Butler and I own Full Draw Hunts Inc in west central Illinois. I am wondering if you offer any outfitter pricing for the Plot Starter? Looking at ordering several acres worth. Also, I saw where your products cannot be mixed with Glyphosate. What about Clethodium? Appreciate any info you can provide me. I’d also be interested in becoming a dealer if you do not currently have one in my area. I mainly operate in the Adams and Hancock County areas.  Looking forward to hearing back from you. Thanks 

1 Answers
DeerGro Expert Staff answered 7 years ago

For pricing in both of those circumstances please email this information to to get detailed information. PlotStart can be mixed with Glyphosate as well as Clethodim, and fights some of the negatives of those herbicides on the species not targeted in those applications (ex. fights herbicide yellowing on beans, corn, and clover).