Michael Park asked 4 years ago

Hello. I just planted my fall food plot…Real World Deadly Dozen last Saturday. I am in the works of hooking a sprinkle head on a tripod to my farm sprayer…to help the plot out with water…if we are running short of rain. My sprayer is 110 gl…and I have two 220 gl totes.  I really want to try you Plot Boost on the plot.  I wanted to add the Boost to my sprayer…so I could mix it well…and then water my plot with it…through my water system. My Questions are…do you think that would work?  My plot is half acre…how much Boost should I put on?  Can I put that on first and continue with rest of water, or put it on last?  And how many times can you/ should you put the boost on?  Thank you!!   Michael

1 Answers
DeerGro Expert Staff answered 4 years ago

Apply the PlotBoost last after watering the plot, or even the next day once the water dries off the foliage. The rate is 32 oz per acre. If your plot is 1/2 acre then 16 oz should be right for your plot. You can apply 16 oz now, then the rest of the PlotBoost 2-3 weeks after for a second boost.