Corey Tucker asked 5 years ago

I wasn\’t able to plant my spring plot this year, so i am going to take some extra time this summer to prep the for the fall clover plot.  Would it be beneficial to to spray the plot during my summer prep?  I won\’t be planting anything till fall, but i plan on making it a bit bigger and would like to condition the soil any way i can this summer.  Can i spray the the plot start in the summer?  Can or should i spray again before i plant in the fall?  Thank you!

1 Answers
DeerGro Expert Staff answered 5 years ago


Spraying PlotStart now will only reap better results! The more time the PlotStart has to adjust soil pH the better. It works instantly to provide these results at planting but getting it into the soil before planting will result in better soil at the time of planting. If you have low pH then yes you would be able to spray now in the summer then again at the time of planting.