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Greg Skufca asked 6 years ago

If I spray plot boost on a food plot at seeding, is there any benefit to the plot?  I am planting 4 acres of clover and I plan to roundup the worked field and then no till drill in the seed to minimize weeds.  i want to apply the plot boost at the time I round up.  Your info says to spray directly on plants.

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DeerGro Expert Staff answered 6 years ago

Greg, PlotBoost’s application is to spray the food plot species. Instead you should spray the RoundUp, then come back and spray PlotStart before drilling the clover in. Most likely you will be spraying a grass and/or broad-leaf selective weed on your clover once some weeds come back, this is when you should spray PlotBoost. PlotBoost is foliar active, and is taken in by the clover, there would be little benefit to mix it in the tank in the RoundUp application before planting.