Corey asked 4 years ago

My plots are ready for seed and there is good rain coming before my plot start will arrive.  Will plot start be as effective if sprayed 2 days after seed is spread?  Also, there is heavy rain in the forecast, will plot start be as effective if a heavy rain event follows within 24 hours of application of Plot start?

1 Answers
DeerGro Expert Staff answered 4 years ago

PlotStart is best applied before or during seeding. 2 days after can be fine if the seeds have started to germinate as PlotStart could burn them up. If the plot has a significant slope and could have runoff PlotStart could get washed off of the plot. However, since it is late July your plot is most likely dry and would soak up most of the water and PlotStart. You should be just fine during a heavy rain event as long as the plot is not on a significant slope.