jon asked 7 years ago

I just sprayed round up, waiting 4 days to lay wildflower seed. The time I throw seed can I use your plot start after thrwoing seed. Basically, is there issues using plot start after using round up??

1 Answers
DeerGro Expert Staff answered 7 years ago

Jon, There is no issue spraying PlotStart over a round up application, the issue comes with mixing PlotStart directly in the tank with round up. The mixture does not hinder the PlotStart less effective, it just builds pressure in the tank. The only thing that you might want to be cautious of is making sure the application hits the soil.You do not want to spray PlotStart on the dying vegetative matter, it will eventually hit the soil but for a more effective application we recommend spraying it over tilled or disked ground or a plot with a minimal amount of weeds on it. Thanks!