Wayne asked 5 years ago

Do I use Plot start every year before I plant?

1 Answers
DeerGro Expert Staff answered 5 years ago

Whether you use PlotStart or not every year is entirely dependent on the soil conditions that year, what species you are planning on planting, and what your soil management plan is for the plots.
Most of the time no, you will not need to spray PlotStart year after year. However if you are planting species like corn each year, requires optimum soil as it is taxing on the soil, soil tests may reveal that you constantly need to amend the soil. Large scale agriculture is in a constant state of soil amendment as they grow these needy crops.
If you are simply planting a cover crop and clover rotation or something similar with a legume fixing its on nitrogen than the answer is no. amending the soil the first year according to the soil test should allow the plot to thrive for several years until it is time to replant.