Drew Vickroy asked 5 years ago

I just planted on Sunday (Aug 13th). I put down Fridgid Forage Pure Throphy Clover and their Autumn Quick Plot. My pH in the soil tested at around 7.0 so it’s good. Would it still benefit me to spray plot start and would it be worth my time since I could not spray it till possibly a week or so later? It did rain on the plot today (Aug 14th) and its showing more rain Wednesday so the seed should be pushed down into the soil good.  This is a first year clover plot (with an annual cover crop- Autumn Quick Plot) Roughy .20 of an acre. I want to do whatever I can do get the quickest growth, especially the Autumn Quick Plot so I can have a huntable plot come October/November. Thanks.

1 Answers
DeerGro Expert Staff answered 5 years ago

Yes, PlotStart will still provide benefits to your soil including a shot of calcium to your soil and a straight shot of ingredients to increase soil microbial activity. However, since the plants are already germinated your best option is to spray PlotBoost. PlotBoost is a foliar application that increases nutrient and water uptake in plants. This among other benefits increases the attraction of the plot just before hunting season.
We currently have a 2pk of PlotBoost (2 acre application) on sale with free shipping. https://www.deergro.com/product/plotboost-32oz-2acre-case/