hunter bigbie asked 5 years ago

is there anyway to apply too much plot start to an area? I have not run a soil test, and it\\\’s too close to planting date for me to get results back. I have two small kill plots equaling less than a 1/2 acre and will be planting wheat. I will be purchasing the 1/2 acre jug and will put half on each plot along with fertilizer.  Will this benefit my soil since I have been unable to get anything to grow he last two years?

1 Answers
DeerGro Expert Staff answered 5 years ago

Yes, this process should help your situation. However, running a soil test will identify the problem. A soil test might reveal that one nutrient, in particular, is lacking from the soil, therefore limiting growth. If one particular nutrient is lacking you may need to amend the soil specifically for that nutrient. Generally following the recommended application rate (you are), PlotStart should adjust the pH. However, a soil test might have indicated that more PlotStart is needed to supply more calcium, raise the pH, and adjust nutrients/microbial growth for the plot to acceptable levels.