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Dustan Grieshop asked 5 years ago

Can Plot Start be mixed with Slay and Arest Max selective Herbiceds (from Whitetail Institute) in the spring after my new clover plot has emerged? Or should this wait until after?  I frost seeded clover but it is now too wet to get a sprayer in there now.  I think the ph is close but it would be nice to give a boost.
Also is post emergence in the spring too late for plot start?

1 Answers
DeerGro Expert Staff answered 5 years ago

PlotStart should not be sprayed on actively growing plants or mixed with herbicides as the mixture could cause pressure in the tank (and potentially blow hoses). For PlotStart treatments spray the clover plot before growth occurs or when clover is dormant. PlotBoost on the other hand can be mixed with herbicides to not only provide a boost to the food plot but stop any growth stunting or yellowing from a herbicide treatment.