Jerry Easom asked 5 years ago

I planted my foodplots 2 weeks ago and used plotstart immediately after planting and dragging seed. The growth is about 3 inches tall in my plots. When should I use the plotboost? I don’t want to spray plotboost too early and hurt growth and don’t want to spray it too late. Just wondering if I should spray it this weekend ahead of the rain we have coming Tuesday and Wednesday in Tennessee from hurricane Irma. Just want to ensure I do everything the right way so my fall plots get the most growth. Thanks

1 Answers
DeerGro Expert Staff answered 5 years ago

A PlotBoost application is most successful when the majority of the spray reaches the surface of the leaf. Therefore PlotBoost should be applied once the food plot establishes a good amount of ground coverage, or covering up as much soil as possible. This way your spray application hits the surfaces of the leaf, not the soil underneath of the plant.