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Aaron Runk asked 3 years ago

I am doing no till planting at my farm here in western Wisconsin and in the spring I plant an annual clover/chicory cover crop mix that I terminate in the fall around August 1.  The fall mix is a mixture of brassicas/annual clover/cereal grains.  My question is this…I typically will spray roundup the same day as I plant my fall crop to terminate the spring crop. I know plotboost can be mixed with glyphosate but would it do any good to mix it with the glyphosate that I use same day as planting or would it be better to come back like 30 days after planting and spray plot boost.  Would be nice if could skip coming back to spray, but not sure if it works if sprayed with roundup same day as planting. Thoughts?

1 Answers
DeerGro Expert Staff answered 3 years ago

It does have some soil active ingredients, but is best used on foliage of the food plot species. For the best results Spray Glyphosate then PlotStart before planting, followed by PlotBoost weeks after germination.
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