Garrett J Grinnell asked 5 years ago


I am getting some mixed signals on how this product can be applied. Can I get some clarification here. Right now I have a plot that is already planted in clover and triticale that is 3 weeks old. The plot is really struggling, and i believe this is due to low PH levels
Now I have read right from your questions before purchasing this product:


Yes, PlotStart™ although primarily used as a pre-emergence treatment can be used to alter pH of an existing stand or add supplemental calcium to the growing food plot.

Now after further review on your website i have found other questions that directly disagree with the above statement. 

troy johnson asked 1 year ago

How many days after planting beans is it safe to spray plotstart?


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DeerGro Expert Staff answered 1 year ago

Troy PlotStart is a lime replacement spray, you want to spray before you plant beans, or before they germinate in your case. If you spray PlotStart over germinated and actively growing seedlings there is a good chance you will burn them up. Try and get out and spray the PlotStart before the beans germinate.

And then here is another Q & A that contradicts

tim morgan asked 2 weeks ago

will it be ok to apply plot start to existing food plots to up the ph level


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DeerGro Expert Staff answered 1 week ago

PlotStart can burn up actively growing plants, especially when they are young and in the seedling stage. It is recommended to spray PlotBoost on actively growing plants, not PlotStart.

So my final questions is, can i apply PlotStart to my clover plot? it has already germinated but is so patchy and the parts that have came up are only 1″ high. It could really use a kickstart but i do not want to burn up the plot. Also i must add in that this plot is only 1600 sq/ft or 1/33rd of an acre.

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DeerGro Expert Staff answered 5 years ago

The application varies on time of application as well as species. Clover is hardy compared to other species. Freshly germinated plots, depending on the species, can experience some burning. Clover is hardy so it is one of the species that can be sprayed with PlotStart. When applying PlotStart on already germinated or actively growing plots, we always suggest applying it right before or during rain so the plants are slightly washed off and the application makes it into the soil. The application should not be tied up on the plant itself. As far as the size of the plot, simply cut the jug or application down into 1/33rd (by ounces). The shelf  life of PlotStart is 2 years while the shelf life of PlotBoost is 4 years. So if you are using small amounts of the bottle you can still use it for the next 2 years. 
Hope this answers your questions, Thanks!