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Zack Fisher asked 6 years ago

Planted 1 acre food plot with Imperial Whitetail Cover last September 2016 and due to drought conditions(1 light rain after planting) had less than half of plot to germinate (about 1 inch height).
Located in Georgia, plan to over seed food plot areas (with no germination) with Imperial Whitetail Clover in February.
What is the best strategy for this situation using PlotStart or PlotBoost?
Can you over apply either product?

1 Answers
DeerGro Expert Staff answered 6 years ago


Great question! To get the best results apply PlotStart now before or during over-seeding. This will get to work right away adjusting the pH and also work to create a better/healthier clover food plot. By adjusting the pH the clover will grow faster and thicker, especially in areas with 2nd year clover. Thicker clover food plots hold and retain moisture which will help in leaps and bounds when September comes around again. We also recommend midway through summer to apply PlotBoost. PlotBoost is applied directly to the leaves of the food plot and will help the clover in nutrient and water uptake. This is the best case scenario for the clover plot, especially in regards to dealing with droughts.