Bedford Hunt asked 6 years ago

I’ve read the material on your website and think I understand what y’all are selling but would like to ask straight up. Does the plotstart serve the same exact purpose as ag lime except it acts faster and there is no need to buy tons and tons of lime and rent a spreader? Does it last just as long as the traditional lime once sprayed? We’ve got 1000 acres of hunting camp in Ms with most every plot having a ph of 5.0-5.7.
Also what is the bulk rate on plotstart?

1 Answers
DeerGro Expert Staff answered 6 years ago

Yes, PlotStart is a lime replacement, it works faster and more efficiently than lime. It is also easier to apply. It works instantly adjusting soil pH, but it does have residual effects just as lime does. It simply changes soil faster, it does not need to sit like lime to slowly seep into the soil. Yes PlotStart is available in bulk, it is available in 55 gallon drums at $692.80 a drum.