Zach Chestnut asked 6 years ago

   I live in the mountains of West Virginia. I plan on planting a clover and chicory mixture in a 1/3 acre plot that I have carved out of a patch of woods. I have already killed all of the vegetation at the site, tilled, and thouroughly limed the area. I plan to broadcast fertilizer at the time that I plant. I was thinking that broadcasting seed around the last week of August would allow a good growth to occur before our season opener on September 24th, while not being completely wiped out and forgotten about by the deer. Does this sound like a good timeline? 
Also, I would like to plant turnips or some other late year/ winter food source. This way I would have the clover and chicory for late summer and early fall, and the turnips for after the hard frosts. My question is, do you believe that turnips or something similar can be planted at the same time, in the same place as a clover/chicory mixture?
Thank you so much!
Zach Chestnut

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DeerGro Expert Staff answered 6 years ago

We would recommend planting a week or two sooner for more growth before the opener. Yes, on the turnips as well just go with a very low rate, only being a 1/3 acre is best for clover as deer will wipe out most everything else, and you don’t want to to overseed and cause too much competition.