Barry asked 7 years ago

I have a plot that is close to 2 acres, a soil sample 3 years ago showed PH levels at 4.9, due to needing so much lime, I was trying to get a farm service to spread bulk lime, but due to my access road holding to much water that I can’t get a truck back to my plot any time soon. I usually  plant in the fall (clover, brassicas, turnips) should i spray my plot with Plot Start now or wait till I Till up plot this fall, (also my plot is sloped toward middle with drainage ditch in middle, not sure because of runoff of spray?) Please give me some advise on what would work the best for me? I would like to eventually get some beans and corn growing when PH gets where it needs to be! I have a 25 gallon spray tank with boom! Thanks

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DeerGro Expert Staff answered 7 years ago

Barry, Good question, the best application of DeerGro’s PlotStart is over tilled or disked ground, and you are right, with slope and the potential for runoff is there, especially with all the rain we are getting. If it appears the weather will cooperate for a couple days (2-3 days) you can apply PlotStart now so it can work on raising your pH over the summer, Rain soaks PlotStart in normally but if the ground is soaked the soil will not take anymore therefore wasting the application. Then apply PlotStart again in the fall at the recommended rate after tilling and before you plant your fall mix. For 2 acres we suggest getting the 2 acre case of PlotStart, and again if weather cooperates you can get away with applying PlotStart now and again in the fall. At the recommended rate that would be two 2 acre cases of PlotStart.