Anonymous asked 6 years ago

Over a week ago, I scrambled to get trees removed, soil worked up, clover seed planted, and I rented a buggy to fertilize 2 acres of my new clover food plots. The very next day, it started raining, putting an end to our 5 month dry spell.  The thing that I didn’t get done, was spray my new plot with Plot Start. 
Now, a week later, my clover has germinated, and is starting to grow, but it’s still too wet to spray. 
The question is,   Will it hurt to spray Plot Start, on the plants after they have started out of the ground?  These plots really needed lime.

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DeerGro Expert Staff answered 6 years ago

Yes it is too late. PlotStart will burn up the clover, especially new clover and not an already established plot. Write into and request a biologist to call you on this subject.

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