Jacob Mcmahan asked 4 years ago

I’m planting whitetail institute imperial clover on a 1 acre (new) plot. We just cleared some burned pines. My soil test from WI said the PH is 4.7 and it needs to be 7.0. It also said i need 5625 LBS of lime per acre. Will plot start be More or as effective as “Fast Acting” lime ? Could i use plot starter alone and use the 2 acre jug on the 1 acre ? What would be best ?

1 Answers
DeerGro Expert Staff answered 4 years ago

Based on your scenario and the lime needed, 5 gallons of PlotStart on the acre would be perfect to adjust your pH for your clover plot. Clover also benefits from applications of PlotBoost, as it can help increase water update and drought resistance during the summer heat.