Hunter Bigbie asked 7 years ago

I’m looking to plant some round up ready forage soybeans in Oklahoma. What priduct would you recommend to encourage the best growth? Thank you

1 Answers
DeerGro Expert Staff answered 7 years ago

We recommend both PlotStart and PlotBoost. Spraying PlotStart will raise your pH, and provide more nutrients available to the beans directly after application. After you have planted your soybeans and they have germinated you most likely will come in with a round-up or glyphosate application. Mixing PlotBoost directly in the tank with glyphosate will fight the effects of glyphosate on the beans such as the “yellow flashing” that can result in a yield loss. The PlotBoost counter acts the yield loss, and boosts the yield. PlotBoost will increase water uptake, nutrient uptake, and increase the health and yield of your beans.PlotStart deals with the soil, while the PlotBoost deals with each individual plant as a foliar application. It is a 1-2 punch system that works together to give your beans maximum growth, yield, and attractiveness.